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The Original. Still the Best.

Circle R is the Original Side Dump
Circle R Side Dump 37’ SuperCube Dump Body

Most Side Dump Trailers have Capacity Gaps. Circle R has Eliminated This Design Flaw.  Click Here to Find out More...

Circle R is proud to hold the original patents on side dump trailer technology and continues to set high industry standards for side dump durability and functionality.  We pride ourselves on quality, innovative, and dependable designs so you get a trailer that will last well into the future.  Many of these solutions save you time on general maintenance and help prevent costly repairs.  And as we all know, time is money!

Circle R specializes in producing side dump trailers.  In fact, side dumps are the only kind of trailers we build.  After owning one, we think you'll agree that this focus gives our products a distinct advantage over many industry competitors.   
We can customize a trailer to match your specific hauling needs. 
Standard trailers produced :
  • Tandem, Triple, and Quad Axle configurations to match state specific bridge requirements
  • Trains with lead trailers, pups, and dollies to maximize your hauling capacity
  • Full trailers (with turntables and tongues built in).
  • AG24 - pin hitch trailer primarily for off-road applications
If you are interested in learning more about Circle R Side Dumps, contact us today.  Hauling is tough work, let Circle R help you get the job done. 

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There are many customizable options your Circle R Side Dump that can add greater versatility to your business.  Want to find out more about what Circle R has to offer? 

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